You can now publish your Instagram photos with a Creative Commons license

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Those looking for a way to allow others to use your Instagram images a bit easier — you can now apply a Creative Commons license. The licensing is coming by way of a site called and clearly notes that they are using the Instagram API and that they are not associated with Instagram. We suspect many will not care about that little bit as this is just for licensing, but nonetheless it sounded like something we should mention up front.

Anyway, the site will allow you to apply a Creative Commons license to your images. And for those worried, there is a time limit. When you go through the process you will be given options to license all of your existing images as well as any that you take for the next three months. Or alternatively, you can choose to license only the new images. Either way though, this process will have to be repeated every three months because they “don’t want people to forget that they signed up for this.”

As for some background, it seems this was born out of what Flickr has become — a site with 200,000,000+ images that are CC licensed. On that note, with Instagram getting a reported 5 million new images each and every day — that could add up to some serious amounts of CC licensed images.

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