Dropbox enables two-step verification, currently available for those willing to play with the experimental builds

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We had known that Dropbox had some plans in terms of adding extra security, and it looks like they have since begun rolling out support for two-step-verifications. But on that thought, the support is currently not available in the official release. Those using a release, say from an app store, will have a bit of waiting still. The ones that can take advantage of this now are the ones who are either rocking, or willing to rock the experimental build. The most current experimental build is 1.5.12 and that is what you will need to get two-step verification set up now. This build can be downloaded from the Dropbox user forums by following the via link at the bottom of this post. That all being said, the folks at Dropbox also noted that they will be “adding optional two-step verification for all Dropbox accounts sometime in the next few days.” In other words, unless you have something super important in your Dropbox account — it is probably best to wait and stick with the official release cycle. Finally, just because we suspect some will want to move forward and get the two-step verification set up now, here is what you need to do.

  • 1.Make sure you have the latest forum build (1.5.12) installed.
  • 2.Visit the following url to try this feature (may require you to sign in to the website): Two-step verification
  • 3.The link should send you to the Security tab for your account. In the “Account sign in” section near the bottom of the page, find the new “Two-step verification” option. Click the “(change)” link to begin the setup process.

Via [Dropbox]

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