Weather HD comes available for Android

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One of the most popular weather app for iOS, Weather HD has just been released for Android and is available now from Google Play. This weather claims to be the most beautiful way of checking for weather information on your Android phone or tablet and after downloading the app on my Galaxy S III, well I couldn’t agree more. Indeed, it lets you see the weather in high-definition videos, get accurate weather forecasts be it a 7-day or hourly format, from around the globe. As a bonus, the app uses an on-screen clock too. But perhaps what sets it apart from the plethora of weather apps for Android is the fact that it uses simple gray and white text set on animated background image. This image changes depending on the current weather conditions.

The app’s description on Google Play lists down its features as follow:

  • Works on all Android phones and tablets.
  • Gorgeous animations depicting the current weather.
  • Add an unlimited number of cities.
  • 7-day and hourly forecast.
  • Swipe the screen to switch between your cities.
  • Enable from Settings: Precipitation, Heat Index, Pressure, Dew Point, Wind Chill and Visibility.

One thing that’s lacking from the app though is widget. And the app developer better add this feature soon because a weather app won’t be as good as it says if you can’t add it as a widget on your device’s home screen.

Still, the app is worth taking a look. It’s available as a free download from Google Play.

Via [Google Play]

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