Barnes & Noble NOOK readers will be available with John Lewis (in the UK)

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We learned last week that Barnes & Noble was going to be launching the NOOK Simple Touch and Simple Touch with Glowlight in the UK. The release was set for sometime in mid-October, however the pricing and where to buy were left a mystery. And well, it looks like one of those two details have since been taken care of — the where to buy. Based on details from a newly released press release, UK retailer John Lewis will have the NOOK readers available.

“John Lewis is the first company outside the US to partner with Barnes & Noble to offer highly sought-after NOOK devices in each of its 37 UK stores and on, with Barnes & Noble’s top-ranked line of E Ink® Readers, NOOK Simple Touch™ and NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight™, the first products to be available.”

Otherwise, while John Lewis will be the first it does not state that they will be the exclusive. We do know that the readers will also be sold direct from Barnes & Noble by way of the website in “this autumn.” Any other retailers remain a mystery at this point. And once again, Barnes & Noble left us with this;

“Further product, pricing and availability details will be announced in the autumn”

Via [BusinessWire]

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