Google Wallet looks to add more, including Boarding Passes, ID Cards, Loyalty Cards and more

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It is beginning to look like Google Wallet may get even more useful. We saw the announcement last month when Google began allowing users to add in any credit or debit cards (as opposed to simply using a Citi MasterCard). We also saw Discover make things easier for those looking to add their card. Moving forward though, Google looks ready to add quite a bunch more. For example, Robin Dua who is the Google Wallet Product Manager, stated that ;

“One of the types of things we’re trying to do is make it easy for airlines, transit providers, and other types of issuers of credentials to make it super simple for them to get their credentials stored in the wallet…That’s the goal. We want you to be able to leave your leather wallet at home and carry your phone and transact with that as your primary transaction device.”

As to some of those items, think everything from ID cards, to boarding passes, concert tickets, reward cards, gift cards and more. Bottom line here, it looks like Google Wallet is trying to replace the Physical Wallet. And as for me, I can only dream of the way where I only need my phone and not my phone and wallet. Regardless though, the video (despite being roughy 40 minutes in length) is worth a watch.

And just to keep in mind, Google Wallet can now be disabled/wiped (if you lose or have your phone stolen) by logging into your Google account from a regular computer.

Via [YouTube (Google Developers)] and [MobileBurn]

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