Dolphin browser for iPhone now in version 6, new design and interface plus more

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It looks like today is mobile phone browser day. Aside from Firefox updating its mobile browser app for Android, Dolphin browser, this time for iPhone has also been updated. And just like Firefox, the updated Dolphin browser which put the app in version 6, also comes in with a new design and interface. Other new features of the app were pretty much what you can find in the iPad version of Dolphin browser. These include tab management which now lets you see all open tabs on the right sidebar, full screen scroll which will automatically hide/show the address/bottom bar, auto-filling up of suggested URL when typing, menu and settings access moved from right panel to the bottom, gesture and sonar, and new speed dial. Overall, the update has somewhat synchronized the iPhone and iPad versions of the browser in terms of features and functionality. Dolphin browser for iPhone is available now as a free download from the iOS app store. You can grab the app simply hitting the via link included below.

Via [iOS App Store]

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