Garmin unveils the Forerunner 10, a GPS watch for runners

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Garmin today has unveiled its Forerunner 10, a running watch equipped with GPS geared for runners, joggers and walkers. So if you’re one of those mentioned people, this watch could be a lifesaver if you’re doing your exercise regimen. The Forerunner 10 gives you various essential running data that will guide you with your running records.  According to Garmin, the Forerunner 10 is an entry-level watch that tracks your running progress and goals. It gives you time and distance as well as calorie and your running pace. The watch also lets you customize settings to show your running pace and distance travelled on the same screen, change Auto Lap or Auto Pause settings, set alarm or edit the user profile. Additionally, the Forerunner 10 also features Virtual Pacer, a tool for comparing your running pace against your target pace.

The Forerunner 10 comes in sporty green, pink, and black with red. The watch will set you back for $129.99.

Via [Garmin Forerunner]

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