Archos has announced the GamePad, a 7-inch device running Android with Google Play access

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Coming as a rather interesting offering from Archos, well, interesting considering their previous announcement was the Archos 101 XS tablet — the company has officially announced a portable game device. The device is called the Archos GamePad and it is running Android and sporting a 7-inch display with hardware game controls. It appears as if Archos has decided to compete a bit with the Sony (PS Vita) and Nintendo (DS).

That thought aside though, the Archos GamePad is a Google Certified Device which means you will find full and complete Google Play access. The display is capacitive in nature and the GamePad offers physical buttons and analog sticks. In terms of the processing power, that is taken care of by a 1.5GHz processor with a Mali 400mp quad-core GPU. Otherwise, Archos has stated that the GamePad is due for release towards the end of October and that they will have it selling for right around $200.

Via [Pocket-lint]

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