Google Maps for Android update brings turn-by-turn biking navigation to a total of 12 countries

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Google has once again updated the Maps app on Android and this is one that bicyclists will likely want to grab as soon as possible. In short, this update has added turn-by-turn biking directions which means that you no longer have to memorize the route or stop to check the map every few minutes. Of course, the one catch we see as coming up — the ability to hear those turn by turn directions because well, it is not really all that safe to be riding with headphones on — especially in a traffic filled city. That bit aside though, the US and Canada previously had biking directions so these two countries have simply added the turn-by-turn portion. Otherwise, biking directions including turn-by-turn biking navigation has also been added in an additional ten countries which include;

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK

Some of the goodies available with these directions include being able to avoid routes with steep hills, dark green lines that mean dedicated bike trails and paths that have no motor vehicles, light green lines which show streets with bike lanes and dashed green lines which show other streets that are “recommended for cycling.”

Via [Google Play] and [Google Lat Long Blog]

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