Amazon makes it official, announces that the Kindle Fire is “now sold out”

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Amazon Kindle Fire

We had been expecting to see an new Kindle Fire next week. And well, after seeing this Amazon issued press release — it looks like a Kindle Fire 2 is a sure thing. Well, maybe not a Kindle Fire 2, but a next-generation Kindle Fire. Simply put, Amazon has officially announced that the Kindle Fire is sold out. Of course, these is still question as to what the new Kindle Fire will be — a 7-inch device, a 10-inch device, or maybe both. Time will tell on that front, but what we have now are some details in terms of how well the current generation Kindle Fire did in terms of sales and performance. Amazon noted that the Kindle Fire has been the number one best selling product on Amazon since it launched (just shy of) one year ago. Furthermore, the Kindle Fire has received “over 10,000 5-star customer reviews” and “captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S.” With that, we await the news that is sure to come next week.

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