Google Play for Android improves its recommendation system

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It’s now easier to discover applications you may be interested in from the Google Play mobile app. As Android Police pointed out, there’s now an app recommended system in place that offers suggestions based on different criteria. 

The “Recommended for You” section can be found under the apps category in Google Play. When you select it, you’ll get a big list of suggested applications that are determined by similar apps you’ve downloaded, friends who +1’d the app and the device you’re using.

The recommendations aren’t perfect, but you can also curate the list by clicking on an icon to the right of each app. Doing this will remove the app from the list. It’s safe to assume removing apps will factor into future recommendations as well.

I like this new feature. Amazon uses something similar with great success, and Google has enough information about us to practically read our minds.

Read [Android Police]

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