Portable Jabra Solemate speaker launched

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Jabra has recently put the word out about its latest portable speaker dubbed the Jabra Solemate. Measuring in at about the size and weight of a water bottle, the Jabra Solemate is small and light and is very portable especially with its thick carrying strap. The speakers have a unique rubber “sole” that stores a 3.5mm audio cable and a sound bag for additional layer of protection in sand, moisture and sunny outdoor conditions. Additionally, the Jabra Solemate can be connected to any media device via cable or Bluetooth. You can bring it along anywhere together with your iPad, iPod, mobile phone, and other mp3 players. Together with the launch of the Solemate, Jabra also announced that it has sealed a deal with ClubCreate, a social music platform for music creation and collaboration. The partnership will allow users to play their remixed tune through the Solemate speaker. The Jabra Solemate speaker retails for $199 and will be sold from,, and

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