Withings wireless bathroom scale, the WS-30 launches at IFA

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A wireless bathroom scale is definitely not a device that we would expect to be launched in a tablet and smartphone dominated event such as IFA in Berlin. But that doesn’t mean that a bathroom scale manufacturer is not allowed to demo its wares at the event, right. And so a company named Withings has just launched its Wireless Scale WS-30. What makes it worthy of some attention at IFA is the fact that this bathroom scale combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to offer what the company calls as a — seamless, PC-free experience from the time you install the device until you get used to using it daily. What the scale does is to instantly recognize individual users and provides access to various services provided by the company. These have something to do with weight management, of course.

The Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 features Position Control technology which gives you visual feedback while using it and suggest the proper position to achive high-accuracy weighing. It also gives you easy and secure access to weight and BMI data by way of a companion iPhone app and Android app (soon!). This app lets you set goals and use various coaching services. It also generates weight graphs and make them available when you need the data.

Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 will be released sometime in September with a price tag of €119.95. And in all honesty, this scale is a pretty interesting tool especially if you are minding your weight.

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