TechnologyTell support comes to IFTTT

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One of my personal favorite (and still underused) web tools has recently added support for a new service. The web tool is IFTTT and the newly added support is for For those not familiar with IFTTT, it is an automation tool that allows you to well, automate just about everything. For the most part — if you can dream it up — you can do it. In this case, the support for means you can do things such as get emails when you get a new follower, send your posts to Twitter, get notifications when you are mentioned on, save your posts to an Evernote account and many many more. Bottom line here, if you are an user you may want to follow the via link below and check out some of the goodies. Otherwise, we suggest everyone that uses the web should check out IFTTT, regardless if you are an user. A personal favorite use of mine — backing up my Instagram images. I have it set so all my Instagram images automatically go to my Evernote account.

Via [IFTTT] and [TNW]

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