AppNet Rhino arrives in the iOS App Store, and well, brings support for

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We have been seeing more and more in regards to as of late. We recently saw support added for IFTTT and within the Hooha app on Android. Of course, we cannot forget that Buffer added support for the iPhone last month. But more to the point here, it looks like the first dedicated app has launched for iOS. More specifically, launched for the iPhone. The app is called AppNet Rhino and it is available by way of the iOS App Store where it is free to download and free to use. Well, free to use assuming you are an member (which is not free).

Anyway, the AppNet Rhino app launched as version 1.0 and with support for iOS 5.0 or later. The Rhino app brings features to include user stream, mentions stream, global stream, user profile, send new post, reply to user or reply to all, the ability to preview YouTube links on streams and “much more.” Some other goodies include being able to follow, unfollow, view user profiles, follow conversations and even open links without having to leave the application thanks to an in-app browser.

Bottom line, if you have an iPhone and an account — AppNet Rhino seems like the app to check out.

Via [iOS App Store] and [TNW]

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