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For those of you who value your Twitter feed, especially if you use your Twitter account as some sort of daily journal of your online life, I’m pretty sure you’ve been looking for a way to save, search and even export your tweets. So then if you’re using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad this new iOS app called Tweet Keeper offers a viable solution. Using Tweet Keeper, all you need to do is give the app a username or use your existing Twitter accounts. The app will then do its function and save your tweets. As Twitter only saves 3200 tweets, that is the most you will start with. Of course, once you get started the Tweet Keeper app will continue to grow that saved number past 3200.

“Twitter only allows you to retrieve 3200 tweets. Start creating a permanent archive immediately so your tweets aren’t lost. Tweet Keeper retrieves the most recent 3200 tweets and then adds new tweets to the existing archive.”

After saving your tweets, the app then lets you view them all in a list. You can also search through these saved tweets and even export them in various formats – plain text, spreadsheet or JSON archive. Tweet Keeper works with both public and private accounts and supports opening saved tweets via the official Twitter app and even Tweetbot.

Tweet Keeper is available now from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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