Galaxy S III tops US smartphone sales in August, for the first time

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This might not be relevant anymore because as we all know, Apple has already beaten Samsung legally in the US with some billion dollars as Samsung’s payoff for copying most of Apple’s mobile design. But we just got to give it to Samsung and more particularly for the Galaxy S III which just became the top selling smartphone in the US, at least in August beating the iPhone 4S. Despite this, an analyst from Canaccord Genuity named Michael Walkley believes that the Galaxy S III’s lead over the iPhone 4S will not last that long. The reason why the sales of the iPhone 4S has been pretty slow right now is the fact that many are awaiting the next iPhone. This paved the way for the Galaxy S III which was recently released in the US. Walkley also mentioned that the Galaxy S III was the top selling smartphone in Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and of course AT&T. The question now is for how long will the Galaxy S III can retain the top spot?

Via [Apple Insider]

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