Leaked FCC documents indicate possibility of 2 new Kindles and a new Kindle Fire

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Next up for another important event is Amazon and it’s happening in a few hours from now. While some are predicting that Amazon is set to announce several new products, a leaked FCC filing is indicating that these products will come in the way of two new Kindle readers and an updated Kindle Fire. The FCC documents however don’t give out all that much detail about these new devices. The folks at The Digital Reader however found that the product is another “electronic display device.” It bears the model number EY21 and was tested with Wi-Fi (b/g/n) and a headphone jack. No information about the new Kindle Fire is available though.  With a few more hours left before Amazon’s big announcement, I guess we have no choice but to keep on anticipating. Are you planning to get the new Kindle reader or the new Kindle Fire?

Via [The Digital Reader]

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