Music streaming service Grooveshark now available on any mobile device

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Music streaming service Grooveshark, today has announced that it is now available on all devices by simply pointing your browser to Thanks to HTML5 which the service has just started using, you can now stream music on-demand without needing to download any app. And since it is on HTML5, this means that access will not be restricted by Adobe Flash. The site allows you to search, discover and play more than 15 million songs found on the Grooveshark cloud server. You will also be able to login and access your Favorites and Playlist through the site as well as manage your music collection using any of your mobile devices. Additionally, the site allows you listen to genre-based stations, browse popular music, tune in to your friends’ music, share links to tracks and other features. The availability of the service via HTML5 is hoped to expand Grooveshark’s user and revenue base, according to Grooveshark co-founder and CEO Sam Tarantino.

Via [Grooveshark]

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