Pogoplug announces a cloud-based storage solution using Amazon Glacier

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Pogoplug has officially announced their latest storage solution, and this one takes advantage the cloud. More specifically, the Amazon Glacier cloud. Pogoplug has this offer as being good for individual, family and business use. The family offerings are the Family plans and the business side are the Team plans. Otherwise, the folks at Pogoplug are touting this as being the “most affordable and safest multi-user cloud backup, with instant access and sharing from anywhere on the Internet.” That said, lets dive right in with the prices and storage limits and see just how affordable they are.

Pogoplug is offering two Family plan options — one for $29 per year and one for $99 per year. Both of these plans come with an unlimited amount of private cloud storage at home (based on the size of your personal hard drive). As for the cloud storage (the Amazon Glacier storage), the $29 plan includes 100GB of space and the $99 plan include 1TB (1000GB) of space. Additionally, as an introductory promotion, the Family plan accounts will include a Pogoplug storage device for free.

As for the Team plans, these accommodate up to 5 users and feature a fully customizable user interface and up to 5 terabytes of offsite cloud storage. These Team plans are priced from $199 per year (for five users).

Via [MarketWatch] and [Pogoplug]

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