Pebble adds a new color, grey; is also allowing backers to switch to a different color if desired

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Yesterday we mentioned the fact that Pebble had begun asking for address confirmation in preparation of sending out the smartwatches to all those who backed the project. And well, the full update has since been detailed on the Kickstarter page and it looks like the address confirmation was only one of a few goodies. The Pebble is now going to be available in a fifth color — grey. This brings the Pebble family up to orange, red, black, grey and white. And that brings the next point — how can one get a grey watch being they were not offered during the initial project. Well, in addition to confirming your address you will also be able to switch colors. Pebble is giving you until September 30th to confirm your address and color. And hopefully, just hopefully we will get something solid in terms of when these will begin shipping in early-October. Officially speaking though, the folks at Pebble “have not announced a shipping date” but plan to do that “as soon as we [they] are 100% confident we can ship by a certain date.”

Via [Kickstarter]

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