Verizon Wireless will soon begin pre-loading an “Amazon suite of apps” on all new Android devices

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Pre-installed apps are something that we simply have to deal with. Maybe not so much on an international level, but at least here in the US — the carriers tend to throw lots of apps on in an effort to help the users. And in some cases, the pre-installed apps may actually be helpful. But in our case, we prefer the pre-installed apps to be at an absolute minimum. Anyway, before I dive any further into a rant, it looks like Verizon Wireless will soon be adding to their pre-installed app collection on Android devices. A tipster provided the folks over at Engadget with a screen capture detailing the new setup. According to what we have seen, this could be going into effect as soon as today — September 6th. Otherwise, these will be a suite of Amazon apps and they will all be placed on one dedicated home screen. The apps include Kindle, Shopping, MP3, IMDB, Audible and Zappos. And for those worried, the Google experience devices and tablets (notably the Nexus devices) will be excluded. Bottom line here, while we still maintain that the fewer pre-installed apps the better — at least in this case the apps are all decent. Heck, speaking personally, four of those six apps are always installed on my device anyway.

Via [Engadget]

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