Amazon makes the 7-inch Kindle Fire faster, cheaper and with longer battery life

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Despite several new Kindle Fire products introduced today, Amazon is not just going to abandon its original Kindle Fire. In fact, said tablet/e-reader was given a refresh with better features and now even comes a bit cheaper, at only $149. Despite the $40 price drop from the original Kindle Fire, this latest model is 40 percent faster than the original Kindle Fire. It also has twice as much RAM and a longer battery life. Together with these upgraded specs, the new Kindle Fire also comes loaded with the same software features as the Kindle Fire HD. These include X-Ray for movies, X-Ray for Boooks, Immersion readin, Whispersync for Voice, and Kindle Free time.  The new 7-inch Kindle Fire will be available on September 14th however Amazon has started accepting pre-orders as we speak.

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