TechnologyTell Roughly 20k users and over 300k posts, but half of those posts came from just 250 users

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There is quite a bit that can be said about For me I had been wondering how many of the users would be ready and willing to shell out another $50 (or a $100 for a developer account) come this time next year. And remember back, we recently mentioned that had about 17,500 users and 250 thousand posts — well, we have an update on that. According to a recent post by Diego Basch, has “about” 20 thousand users and “a little over” 300 thousand posts at this point in time. That by itself sounds pretty good. After all, is a pretty new service. But here is the kicker — there appears to only be a small group of core users. By small, Basch noted that;

“250 users have generated half of the posts”

Interesting to see that of 20 thousand users in all, just 250 have been responsible for about 150 thousand posts. We have to wonder just how may users signed up because the felt the need to claim a name. We also have to wonder how many of those 20 thousand users have yet to even post anything. Given these stats, I can only go back to my previous thoughts of how many users will want to sign back up next year. That being said, if you are interested in and some additional useless knowledge on the subject click the via link below where you will be treated to goodies such as charts, graphs and even a tag cloud.

Via [Diego Basch’s Blog] and [The Verge]

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