Push Mail Alert app on-sale for $0.99 for a limited time, but we have a few free promo codes to give away

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Back in mid-August we mentioned a new email push notification app for the iPhone. That app was called Push Mail Alert and while we thought it was a good deal at $2.99 — we think it is an even better deal at $0.99. That being said, the app is currently listed in the iOS App Store at the $0.99 price point, however that discounted price will only last for a few days. The sale will run for 5 days, from today (Friday) through Tuesday, which will be the day of the next Apple Keynote. From that point the app will then sit at $1.99 from Wednesday through Friday before it goes back up to the regular price of $2.99. Of course, as the post title stated — we have a few promo codes to give away (four to be specific). In order to get a code — just send an email to robert (at) gadgetell (dot) com with “PushMail Alert Promo” as the subject.

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