Verizon Windows Phone fans will have “multiple” handsets to pick from come Q4 2012

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While Verizon never offered much in terms of Windows Phone 7, it looks like things are going to be different for Windows Phone 8. We have yet to see any specifics such as device announcements, however Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Tami Erwin recently spoke with CNET and stated rather simply that they would be selling “multiple Windows Phones in the fourth quarter.” And touching on the handsets, again nothing specific, however there were some hints that suggested we would see something from Nokia. Marni Walden, who is the COO of Verizon noted that they [Verizon] “continue to have healthy conversations with Nokia” and perhaps more interesting — that she was excited about the recent Nokia announcements. Bottom line, it looks like at least one of those multiple WP8 devices will be a Lumia.

Via [CNET]

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