Reports suggest that Spotify will soon be available in the browser

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One complaint that we often hear from Spotify users, or those considering becoming a Spotify user — there is no option to listen using a browser. You see, at the present time Spotify has a wide variety of mobile apps and even a desktop app — and that is all. No cloud browser based option. And that alone may not seen so strange, until you think about the wide variety of other music streaming services today and remember that just about everyone else has the option to use the browser. More to the point, we would think it more popular to have desktop browser support as compared to desktop app support. That aside though, a recent report coming from TechCrunch suggests that may soon be changing. According to the details, they are reporting that “multiple sources close to Spotify confirmed that the company is building out a browser version of its service.” Additionally, and perhaps more exciting for some — there was also talk of some changes involving the pricing. The still unconfirmed reports suggest that an $8 per month advertising free mobile service may be coming. Time will tell just how accurate either of these points are, however one thing seems to be certain — Spotify could do well selling the mobile service at $8 per month and could probably attract quite a few of the current $5 per month user to upgrade.

Via [TechCrunch]

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