Nexus Media Importer Android app streams media files from flash drives without root

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A little while ago, we detailed how you could use a Kingston Wi-Drive to stream movies, music and images to the Nexus 7. This is a good way to get around the 8GB storage limit, but maybe spending $50 to acquire the Wi-Drive is too much for some users. In that case, there’s an app in Google Play for $2.99 called the Nexus Media Importer that lets you play media straight from a USB flash drive or SD card.This is the only flash drive reader application I’ve seen for Android that doesn’t require root access. It works for Nexus devices, and other devices that run Android 3.2 and above with USB Host support. It also couldn’t be simpler to use.

After installing the application, you have to connect a USB OTG cable to your device and connect the flash drive to the OTG cable. The Nexus Media Importer will automatically recognize the drive before displaying all your stored media in a preview interface. From there, you can select whatever you want to display it full screen.

The flash drive you choose has to be formatted as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS in order to work. For the most part, any flash drive you have lying around should work fine. It should also be noted that you can’t write to the flash drive when it’s connected to Android. This app is only for streaming content and copying it to Android devices.

This app proves there’s no reason why Google couldn’t have added this support itself. There are obviously no technical limitations.

Download Link [Google Play]

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