Hulu Plus app for the Playstation 3 updated, tray-style format and other navigation features rolled out

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The Hulu Plus app for Playstation 3 was just updated recently bringing in a new and improved Hulu Plus experience which according to the folks at Hulu was designed to help you get to the shows you watch faster than before. This new experience include larger and more vivid artwork as well as easier and better navigation features. New to the Hulu Plus app for the PS3 is the tray-style format that lets you scroll through recommendations based on viewing history as well as easier way of checking out popular shows and movies, top 100 clips, movie trailers and other video content offered by Hulu. There’s also the “Shows You Watch” feature which lets you jump straight to the latest episode of the content you watch regularly. Other new features included in the update are – improved search performance, access to all of the episodes and clips in one place, ability to pick up where you left off for a show you’ve watched before, and a clean, intuitive and simplified video playback.

And take note, Hulu said that the Playstation 3 is just the first living room platform where the update is being rolled out. This means that other platforms where Hulu Plus are available might get the same features, hopefully soon.

Via [Hulu]

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