GadgeTell Review: ShaveTech USB-Powered Rechargable Travel Shaver

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Want to be able to shave with minimal fuss, with a razor powered by your computer? Here comes the ShaveTech, a USB-powered portable electric shaver that’s barely the size of a smartphone, and can power up straight from your computer’s USB port.

Available in sleek black and white colors, ShaveTech probably isn’t powerful enough to become your primary razor, but it works very well in a pinch, especially while traveling, or if you realize at the last minute that you missed a spot. The battery power is impressive too.

I’m not really an electric razor guy- I’ve been using all straight razors since I was about 15- but I got an effective close shave in a short amount of time when I used it. It also came through in a pinch on a couple of other occasions, when I realized right before walking out the door that I missed a spot.

Here’s a video demo of the product:

The product retails for $39.99 in either color.

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