GadgeTell Review: Dockem Koala Mount For Tablets

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Accessory maker Dockem recently released a new iPad mounting solution called the Koala iPad and Tablet Wall Mount. Tiny as it may be, the product is a versatile way to find new places to put your iPad.

Meant to work with any of any of the three iPad models released to date, the Koala mounting system consists of small plastic brackets and 3M command strips. This simple solution gives you numerous options of what to do with the device: You could put it on the wall of your kitchen, your bathroom, or your bedroom, in order to enjoy video and other iPad functions in nontraditional places.

I came up with a do-it-yourself solution myself: I put the brackets on the control panels of my elliptical machine, allowing me to rest my iPad on it and watch either Netflix movies or whole episodes of HBO shows while I work out. I’d been meaning to try this for awhile but was nervous about the iPad falling off; with the brackets in place I had no such problem anymore.

One advantage is that there’s no need to put the adhesive strips on the iPad itself.

Here’s a demo:

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