Flipboard for Android gets an update; brings improved navigation, improved performance, in-app hints and more

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Flipboard was installed on my Nexus 7 tablet the day I got it. And perhaps more to the point, it is an app that I have come to use on a daily basis. That being said, you can probably understand why I am always happy to see that an update is available. In this case, Flipboard for Android has gone up to version 1.9.6 where it remains available for use on devices running 2.2 or later. As for what has changed and/or been added in this latest release — goodies such as performance improvements and bug fixes. But perhaps a bit nicer, Flipboard v1.9.6 brings improved navigation within sections which will be visible when you tap on a section’s name. Additionally, you will find you have easier access to Google Reader feeds and folders as well as in-app hints to help you along and new shopping card features (in the Gilt Taste section).

Via [Google Play]

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