Apple iPhone 5 officially announced, launching on September 21st with pre-orders from the 14th

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As was expected to happen today, Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5. And just to clarify this, it seems most, if not all of the rumors were true. To begin with, the iPhone 5 has a larger display. The display measures in at 4-inches and is Retina. But perhaps more to the point here, the larger display means users will be able to get a 5th row of apps. The iPhone 5 will also be an LTE device. More specifically, an LTE and DC-HSDPA device with a single-radio solution.

Some of the other points worthy of a mention include the iPhone 5 being “18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S.” In the case of the iPhone 5, it measures in at 7.6mm thick. The handset will be powered by the Apple-designed A6 chip which is dubbed as being “blazing fast.” Another of the rumors-come-true is in regards to the dock connector, which is now called the Lightning Connector, and yes, smaller in size. Apple touts this as being “smaller, smarter and more durable.” And worry not, they will have a Lightning-to-30-pin adapter available.

Perhaps the points that everyone is looking for — the pricing and the availability. The iPhone 5 will be available beginning on September 21st with pre-orders kicking off on September 14th. Finally, the iPhone 5 will have 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage and come priced at $199, $299 and $399 respectively.

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