Instagram has redesigned the mobile photo pages

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Coming as a nice break from the recent Apple news, we have some Instagram news. More specifically, some mobile related Instagram news. It seems the mobile photo pages have been redesigned. According to the breakdown coming from the Instagram Blog posting, the mobile photo pages have been given a “look and feel consistent with the web-based photo pages.” They further go on to note that this will make it “easier for your friends to interact with your photos when viewing them outside of Instagram on their mobile device.” That said, while we appreciate the updated look of the pages, we have to wonder just how many people are visiting the Instagram website on a mobile device. Seems to us that Instagram users would be hitting up the app and nothing more. Of course, there is always photo viewing on platforms (such as Windows Phone) that do not yet have an Instagram app. Anyway before we dive any further down into this rabbit hole, these mobile photo pages allow the visitor to like and comment directly from the browser as well as click on the “Open in App” button that will, well, open that image in the Instagram app for further exploration.

Via [Instagram Blog]

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