Google confirms the obvious, more people will use Wallet when it doesn’t require a Citi MasterCard

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Google Wallet began allowing users to add any and all credit and debit cards back in the early part of August, and well, it looks like the usage has gone way up since. The details are coming by way of the Google Commerce Blog who note that;

“In the weeks since we released a new version of the Google Wallet app that supports all credit and debit cards, usage has more than doubled.”

Seems to us this is on the obvious side. But probably more to the point here, the details from Google go on to note some points for the card issuers. You know, goodies such as how they can improve the user experience for the users by doing things such as providing card art and using the Save to Wallet API for Payment Cards. Still, while we poke fun at the news and we realize this is more for the card issuers as opposed to the end users like ourselves, it is nice to see that Google Wallet usage has double if for no other reason than it takes us that one step closer to being able to ditch our real wallets. Finally, we offer the reminder — don’t forget to use up any balance that you may have left on your Google Wallet Prepaid Card.

Via [Google Commerce Blog]

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