You can now pre-order the new iPod touch and iPod nano

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Together with the start of pre-orders for the iPhone 5 from the online Apple Stores in selected countries, Apple has also started accepting pre-orders of the new iPod touch and iPod nano. In case you’ve missed the announcement, the 5th generation iPod touch is available in six vibrant colors and two storage options namely 32GB and 64GB. The 32GB has a $299 price tag while the 64GB goes out for $399. As for the “nanofied” iPod nano, it will also be available in the same 6 color hues as the iPod touch but only available in a 16GB storage option. The new iPod nano will set you back $149. Unfortunately, the Apple Store doesn’t say the exact shipment date of the iPod nano and iPod touch but promises to deliver within October.

Via [Apple]

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