The Droid RAZR M is already half-price with Amazon Wireless

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The Droid RAZR M came available with Verizon Wireless just yesterday and we had thought it a good deal at $99.99. Of course, there is always the third-party retailers for smartphones and that means options such as Amazon Wireless. With that, said company is already selling the Droid RAZR M at half-price. Well, to be specific, half-price as compared to Verizon Wireless. Simply put, if you are considering the purchase of a RAZR M, you can get it through Amazon Wireless for $49.99. Just one point on that price though, that is only for new contracts. Those looking to upgrade a current line of service will have to shell out an additional $10 — $69.99. And of course, both prices assume a two-year agreement.

Via [Amazon Wireless]

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