Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD software update now available

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Amazon may have just recently begun shipping the updated Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD, however that does not seem to have stopped them from rolling out the first software update for both devices. The updates appear to be on the smaller side, but nonetheless, they are available. In the case of the 2nd generation Kindle Fire, this update will bring the software version to 10.1.3. In the case of the Kindle Fire HD, this update brings the software version up to 7.1.5. And with that, both the changelog for both devices reads as follows;

“This software updates your Kindle Fire software to optimize its performance and functionality.”

That being said, these may be smaller updates however we can hardly complain about an update that optimizes performance and/or functionality in any way. Bottom line, if you are sporting either of these Kindle models — make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and then from the top of your device, swipe down and then tap Sync. At that point, the update will download and install itself.

Via [Amazon (Kindle Fire)] and [Amazon (Kindle Fire HD)] and [Liliputing]

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