Apparently, Apple was “blown away” by customer demand for the iPhone 5

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Apple has yet to release any sort of press release letting everyone know how well the opening pre-order sales for the iPhone 5 went, however they have issued a statement to the folks over at The Loop. And well, is seems that Apple was “completely blown away.” Personally speaking, I have a hard time believing Apple was “completely blown away” by the demand. Maybe say, the iPhone 5 sold better than expected, but “completely blown away” sounds a bit over the top. After all, this is an iPhone and lets face it — some people are going to complain and even more people will buy. Or at least that is the way it generally seems to work. Either way, the statement came by way of Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris and read as follows;

“Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” “We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.”

Given this, I for one look forward to hearing some actual numbers. Any guesses?

Via [The Loop]

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  • Pablo

    One of Apples’s marketing strategies is clearly to over enthuse about how ‘incredible’ and ‘truly amazing’ their products are and how much they love them. This creates a positive feeling. If people think there’s high demand they are more likely, subconsciously, to want to make a purchase.

  • Robert Nelson

    Very good point Pablo, very good point.