Carbon for Android will be released in a matter of days

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We may have a bit of good news for those using Android and looking for another Twitter app to try out. It looks like Carbon, yes the one we thought was going to be released back in July, will be available soon. Well, that is what the official Carbon for Android Twitter account is saying. In fact, according to a recent post coming from that account, the release is coming in just a few days time.

“Matter of a few dayz now…yea, still alive and kicking! Next up will be a full video and our Google Play link…”

That being said, we sort of hope to see this happen and look forward to checking out what they have been working on all this time. But still, we have to say that we sort of found that happy place with Tweet Lanes at the moment.

Via [Twitter @CarbonAndroid] and [AndroidCentral]

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