Amazon tries to move developers away from Google Maps with new Amazon Maps API

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Amazon is making it very clear it doesn’t want to rely on Google for services that are essential to the tablet experience. In addition to making Android itself completely unrecognizable in the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, Amazon is also developing Amazon Maps in place of Google Maps. While still in its infancy, Amazon is hoping developers will transition from Google Maps to Amazon Maps by releasing a new API.

The Amazon Maps API will allow developers to integrate Amazon Maps into their respective apps. Amazon says its API provides a “simple migration path”, so developers shouldn’t have too much trouble moving away from Google Maps if they choose. The question is whether or not developers actually want to leave Google Maps for Amazon Maps.

Google Maps has a very reliable track record and is widely considered to be the best mapping service on the planet. Amazon has a lot of work ahead of itself if it wants to be a real competitor. Currently, the Amazon Maps beta service only features interactive maps and custom overlays.

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