Pebble continues the teasing, offers a look at the back of the molded watch [Image]

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We have seen plenty from Pebble up until this point. Well, plenty aside from a product in the hands of the user. But that jab only comes from the bitter side of me that is feeling like I cannot wait any longer for my Pebble watch to arrive. Truth be told, I would rather wait a little while longer and get a quality well working and well made product as opposed to getting something that was rushed out and breaks during the first day of wear. And on that note, it looks like things are progressing. In fact, the folks at Pebble have recently shared a new image. The image, which can be seen above comes by way of Facebook and with the following description;

“Recently did the “first shot” of our injection molded parts. Had our fingers crossed for 5 weeks during the tooling process and they look great!”

The logo looks great and the ‘made in china’ is well, there. The one part we question, the serial number portion. While we are not all that certain we would expect each number to be individually etched in, we are thinking that a sticker is not going to work all that well. Of course, Pebble has yet to provide any detail as to how they plan on doing the serial numbers.

Via [Pebble on Facebook]

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