Scosche RHYTHM announced, arrives as an iPhone and Android compatible armband pulse monitor

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Speaking from experience, one of the reasons I rarely use an pulse monitor when running is that I cannot stand the most common type, the chest strap. And well, it looks like Scosche has recently announced a model that I would not only be able to use. But actually be able to enjoy using. The product is the Scosche RHYTHM, which is an armband pulse monitor. In terms of features, perhaps the most important for some — it brings an app for both the iPhone and Android. Otherwise, the RHYTHM ships with a USB charging cable, has up to 6 hours of battery life, a built-in accelerometer and audio prompts for real-time feedback during your workouts. For those wondering, the RHYTHM connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth and according to the details provided, it “combines two alternating LEDs with a photo sensor to accurately measure the user’s pulse.” The RHYTHM is available as as of today and priced at $99.99.

Via [Scosche RHYTHM]

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