Mint QuickView app remains available in the Mac App Store, but will now set you back $4.99

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The Mint QuickView app for OS X came available in the Mac App Store back in mid-July and at the time — it was available as a free app. The app worked with the online Mint service and seemed to be one of those apps that those using a Mac and Mint would have wanted to grab. Me personally, the QuickView app took me from being a regular Mint user to an everyday Mint user. With menu bar access and an icon that shows a number of current updates and notifications, the QuickView app makes it simple to stay on top of your finances. That said, the privilege for staying on top has just gotten a bit more expensive. It seems that Mint QuickView has recently gotten a price increase going from free to $4.99. That being said, those who have already downloaded and installed the app will be able to continue using it (yes, for free). It is just the new users that will have to pay. But on that note, even at $4.99 — Mint QuickView is an app that this particular user would recommend.

Via [Mac App Store] and [TUAW]

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