Latest Netflix for iOS app update brings a “much more immersive” experience for iPhone users

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Those using Netflix on an iPhone may want to fire up the App Store and grab the latest. The Netflix app has been brought up to version 2.3 and this means the iPhone (and iPod touch) version will once again be inline with the iPad version. And just to clarify, yes this is a universal app. That aside though, Netflix for the iPhone has been given “varied improvements on playback, AV sync and subtitle handling” as well as an updated UI. The latter will most likely be the most obvious for most. According to details coming from the folks at Netflix, the app will now have a “much more immersive” experience as compared to the previous version. Some of the points that were mentioned include how the UI will now offer more titles and galleries as well as the top row now being dedicated to previously started content. There is also one for parents, the children and family gallery has been updated and is now organized by age. Of course, just like you could in the past, the app (assuming you are a Netflix subscriber) will allow for an unlimited amount of television and movie streaming. With that, one constant remains in that you will need iOS 5.0 or later in order to use Netflix on your iPhone.

Via [Netflix Blog] and [iOS App Store]

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