Samsung says not so fast, those Galaxy S IV rumors are not true

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Just yesterday we began seeing reports and chatter about the Galaxy S IV, yes, the IV. And well, just as we suspected — the chatter was beginning super early. Since those details we have seen Samsung come forward with a denial. Granted, that does not mean we believe that Samsung is not working on the Galaxy S IV at this point. What it does mean is that we believe they do not want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Simply put, it seems a bit early to be discussing the Galaxy S III follow up so early. Not to mention, when the device is still selling so well. That said, the denial has come by way of the @samsungtomorrow Twitter account who offered the message in Korean. And just to clarify, we cannot pretend to understand the language, but thanks to the web, we were able to get enough of a translation to feel good about the message. Simply put, nothing official on the Galaxy S IV just yet.

Via [Twitter @samsungtomorrow] and [Engadget]

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