Skitch updates the Mac and iPad apps, also releases an iPhone and iPhone Touch app

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Skitch, the pretty cool app that lets you annotate photos/drawings/illustrations with various shapes and other goodies has just been updated to version 2. And together with the update, the app was also released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new version adds up to the currently available Skitch for Mac and iPad. According to Skitch, the app has been pared down to highlight the most-loved, most-used, most-essential features while at the same time improving on the performance of those features. What’s good about Skitch is the fact that it is own by the same company who owns Evernote. As such, the app was updated to have full integration with Evernote. Hence, everything you do in Skitch will be synchronized with your Evernote account. So, when you annotate a photo using your iPad, it will immediately be in your Sketch for Mac and in this case on your iPhone or iPod Touch as well. The app’s sharing and search features were improved as well. You can easily share your annotated photos to Facebook, Twitter and email. For its new search feature, Skitch now features image recognition. Hence, it can now make text within images searchable.

The updated Skitch app for iPad is available now from the iOS App Store while the Mac is available of course, from the Mac App Store. Likewise, you can also freely download the new iPhone and iPod Touch version of Skitch from the App Store.

Via [Evernote]

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