SoundCloud mobile apps (Android and iPhone) have been updated, both get new recording and trim features

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Those using SoundCloud on a mobile device (Android or the iPhone) may want to check for an update. Yup, SoundCloud, both for Android and iOS has recently been updated. The apps remain available for free, both to download and use. Perhaps more important though, this appears to be a rather nice update — one that brings some new functionality. Simply put, the folks at SoundCloud have dubbed this a “major” update and we have to agree.

The update includes “Pause & Resume” which will allow the user to start, stop and continue the recording as often as necessary. There is also a new editing feature — the ability to trim recordings. With the trim feature you will be able to do just what the name would imply, trim out some of the unnecessary or unwanted audio.

Moving over to Android for a moment and we have a new feature called fade in/fade out. This arrives as a filter and can be applied to recordings that have a rough beginning or ending. In other words, the fade in (or fade out) functionality should make some audio less jarring to listen to.

And given there was one for Android, there is also one for the iPhone. The iPhone feature is called Private Listening and is actually rather nice sounding. With Private Listening you will be able to play audio through the loudspeaker. But the catch here, once you begin playing the audio you can bring the phone up to your ear (as if on a phone call) and the audio will automatically switch to the phone speaker. Good for those who do not have any headphones available and need to listen to something in a public location.

Finally, SoundCloud for Android is now at version 2.3.0 with support for devices running 2.1 or later. The iPhone version requires iOS 4.3 or later and similar to Android, is also at version 2.3.

Via [SoundCloud Blog] and [Google Play] and [iOS App Store]

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