Netflix for Android delivers a completely different user interface

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I’ve always felt the interface for the Netflix app on Android was in desperate need of an update. It was unexciting, lacked images that took advantage of larger screens and wasn’t really all that smooth. You can imagine my excitement when I learned Netflix for Android has gotten a complete overhaul.

There’s no need to update the app from Google Play. If the new interface has been pushed to you, you’ll see it upon opening the app. The app now more closely resembles Netflix on the PS3 and iOS. Movies and TV shows from different categories can be scrolled through horizontally. Tapping on a title will display more information, and double tapping immediately starts playback. There’s also a browse menu that separates everything into genres.

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  • Kenneth Hughes

    I recently updated the netflix app. Now it doesn’t work at all. Just a red screen and says loading. Seeing where many other people are posting the same response on the Play store. Wish netflix would address this soon.