Did you pre-order your iPhone 5 with Best Buy? If so, you may be waiting for delivery

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We have yet to see anything official from Best Buy just yet, however the folks over at 9to5Mac have recently been tipped with some potentially bad news. Well, bad news for those who pre-ordered an iPhone 5 with Best Buy anyway. The details are coming by way of an internal Best Buy memo entitled “Customer Email Regarding iPhone Pre-Orders.” Simply put, Best Buy seems to have oversold their allotment. The memo reads as follows;

“Based on current inventory allocation, we understand we will not have enough iPHone 5 devices to fulfill all pre-orders this weekend. Because of that, all customers not receiving their phone on launch were sent an email regarding their pre-order this evening. This email explained the situation and Best Buy’s dedication to getting the customer their phone as quickly as possible, no later than 28 days from launch.”

Bottom line here, if you pre-ordered your iPhone 5 with Best Buy you may want to check/keep an eye on your email. And if you feel like you cannot wait the up to 28 days — make sure that order can be cancelled and try to locate one somewhere else, maybe say, at a local carriers retail store.

Via [9to5Mac]

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